High School Diploma Programming

Co-op Employment – Earn Credits While You Work

The perfect way to ‘try on a job’, Co-op Employment is a flexible course which offers practical work experience in a suitable work setting.

Co-op Employment can be either a single or double credit course, depending on the numbers of hours you choose. This course encourages adults to participate in a practical, hands on follow-up to their academic training. The course is offered online with a focus on valuable information related to the workplace such as:

The Benefits of Co-op Employment

  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Standards Act, Rights & Responsibilities
  • Ethics and Confidentiality

The work completed in this course will be evaluated based on your weekly reports, online quizzes, assignments, and employer assessment. Upon successful completion of this online course and 110 or 220 hours of work on the job you will earn 1 or 2 credits (respectively).

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