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Child Development I (ECED-1074)
In this course, students will investigate foundational child development theorists and their linkage to practice and pedagogy in early care and education systems. Students will have opportunities to examine the structure and function of the brain, as well as consider the role that both heredity and environment play in the developing child. Current research that informs policy in the early year's field will additionally be analyzed.

Foundations of Personal Support (HLTH-1092)
In this course, the student is introduced to the role of the Ontario Personal Support Worker and the scope of practice for the PSW within the health care system. Through class discussion, seminars, lectures, the student will explore confidentiality and privacy, client rights and boundaries, ethical issues, professional behaviour, and legislation involving the health care system.

Personal Wellness (INDS-1081)
This course introduces students to the concept of wellness. Students develop strategies for a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of their lives. They investigate wellness as it applies to mindfulness, self-responsibility, social/emotional development, stress management, physical activity, spirituality, substance abuse, nutrition, and complementary health. This course provides the opportunity for students to evaluate their present lifestyle, identify successes, and develop areas requiring personal growth.

Self & Others for PSW (HLTH-1094)
In this course, the student will examine self, personal beliefs and values as well as explore the concept of the helping relationship and interpersonal relationships with others. Knowledge, skills and attitudes for career and college success will also be developed.