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Correspondence Course List

Business Studies

Course code Course name
BDI3C Entrepreneurship: The Venture
BMX3E Introduction to Retail Marketing
BDP3O The Enterprising Person
BBB4M International Business Fundamentals 
BOH4M  Business Leadership

Canadian & World Studies

Course code Course name
CGG30 Travel and Tourism
CLU3E Canadian and International Law 

Computer Studies 

Course code Course name
ICS3C Introduction to Computer Programming  


Course code Course name
ENG2P English - Applied 
ENG3E English Workplace
ENG3C English College
ENG3U English University
OLC3O/4O English Literacy-Open (online)
NBE3E English - Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices
NBE3U English - Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices
ENG4E English Workplace
ENG4C English College (online)
ENG4U English University


Course code Course name
MFM1L Math - Locally Developed 
MFM2P Math - Applied 
MPM2D Math - Academic 
MEL3E Everyday Life Mathematics
MBF3C Foundations for College Mathematics
MCF3M Functions & Applications
MCR3U Functions
MEL4E Mathematics for Everyday Life
MCT4C Math for College Technology
MAP4C Foundations for College Mathematics
MHF4U  Advanced Functions (available online)
MCV4U  Calculus & Vectors (available online)


Course code Course name
SNC2P Science Applied
SVN3E Environmental Science Workplace
SBI3C Biology College
SBI3U Biology University
SCH3U Chemistry University
SPH3U Physics University
SPH4C  Physics College 
SCH3U  Chemistry University (available online) 
SCH4C Chemistry College (available online)
SCH4U  Chemistry University (available online)
SBI4U Biology University

Social Sciences & the Humanities

Course code Course name
HFA4C  Food and Nutrition
HFC4U  Food and Nutrition 
HFC3E  Food and Culture
HHS4C Families in Canada 
HIP4O  Personal Life Management 
HNB4M  The World of Fashion 
HSB4U Challenge & Change in Society

Health & Physical Education

Course code Course name
PPZ3C Health for Life

Guidance & Career Education

Course code Course name
GLC2O  Career Studies
GWL3O Designing Your Future
GPP3O Leadership & Peer Support
GLS4O Advanced Learning Strategies: Destination Employment