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Assisted Services

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The Centre for Employment & Learning offers individualized support to assist job seekers in obtaining their employment goals. Our services include:
Our Employment Staff will work with clients to create an individualized employment service plan, which is an action plan to assist you in achieving your employment goals. Our Counsellors can assist you in identifying and overcoming barriers to employment, research and access training opportunities and to enhance your job search tool
Unsure of what direction you want to go in? Through a combination of Interest and Personality Assessments, labour market research and goal setting, our Employment Counsellors can assist you in identifying a suitable and attainable career goal as well as an action plan to achieve your goal. 
Our Job Developers work closely with local employers to match their hiring and training needs with our job seekers' skill sets. Job Developers provide ongoing support through counselling and coaching to ensure success of the job match. 
Interested in exploring a career in the trades? Our employment staff can provide information and resources on specific trades, connect you with local employers and utilize training incentives to assist employers with offsetting the cost of training apprentices. 

The Apprenticeship Scholarship provides $1000 to support individuals who require upgrading to meet the academic eligibility requirements for apprenticeship training in their chosen trade. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements and complete the Apprenticeship Scholarship application to be considered for this funding.
This program provides financial incentives to employers to assist with offsetting the cost of hiring and training new employees. This is a great program for employers who are wanting to increase their work force and also a great tool for job seekers who require additional training for their new job. 
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