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Thrive is a group program designed to support those who have been removed from the labour market to get back to work, by:
  • building up their employability skills
  • connect with local employers through job trials or hiring/training incentives
  • providing funding for short term training and microcredentials.
It is open to all ages and priority will be given to people who identify with at least one of our funder's priority groups:
  • OW/ODSP recipients
  • people with disabilities
  • Francophone people
  • Indigenous people
  • Youth with higher support needs
  • Newcomers
  • Racialized people
The program will start with 2 weeks of workshops.  Whether it is online or in-person will depend on the needs of the people accepted to the program.  Training and assistance will be provided for navigating online learning platforms.  The following 4 weeks will be geared to finding suitable job trials, long-term employment, and other relevant connections with employers.  

Emergency funds are available for emergency groceries, daycare costs, etc.  Funding is also available for wrap-around supports (work clothes, mental health counselling, etc.).

Referrals can be sent to [email protected], however suitability for the program must be verified by our funder's "Common Assessment".  Referrals who are not suitable or waitlisted will be redirected to their local CEL for employment services.  

Interviews for the program occur regularly.  If you have any questions, please reach out to  [email protected]  or 519-235-0471.